TMD Relief 2019, improving continously. TMD Relief

TMD Relief

The innovative medical device for mandibular stretching

innovative medical device

Modular & Easy

Able to adapt to the morphological needs of the patient based on his specific conformation

innovative medical device

A cheap solution

You can buy it from the website at no additional cost, TMD Relief is accessible to everyone

innovative medical device

A natural alternative

A treatment for immediate relief of ATM-related pain alternative to analgesic drugs

Thanks to TMD Relief you can perform muscle exercises at home against acute and chronic head and neck pain, in addition or instead of expensive professional therapies

TMD Relief

For what disorders?

TMD Relief is an innovative medical device useful to treat disorders related to Cranio Cervical Mandibular Disorders (Temporary Mandibular Disorders, abbreviated to TMD or TMJ) such as:

  1. Secondary Acufene.
  2. Bruxism.
  3. Tensive secondary dental headaches.
  4. Non-Otological Reflex Reflex Otolgies.
  5. Atypical facial neuralgia.
  6. Difficulty in opening the jaw.
  7. Pre- and post-dental work therapy (long sessions, extractions).
  8. Rehabilitation after surgery.

innovative medical device

TMD Relief is a family of products developed by Syde – Systematic Innovation & Design S.r.l..

Syde – Systematic Innovation & Design S.r.l. was born from almost twenty years of experience of the founding members in the fields of product and process innovation andresearch of new technologies.


In particular, applied technologies for the reduction of Time to Market, for Systematic Innovation and 3D Related technologies (such as additive manufacturing and 3D scanning).

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