How to set up TMD Relief


One of the important features that distinguishs TMD Relief from other devices on the market, is the adjustment capability which allows the instrument to adapt perfectly to the patient’s morphological needs.

Its complete adaptability therefore allows to customize features such as opening and strength.

In this quick guide we will explain how the TMD Relief is adjusted.

How to adjust TMD Relief (video tutorial)


Before proceeding with the adjustment of the device, it is essential to take measurements of the unforced mouth opening.  Click here for the measurement guide.

The adjustment of TMD Relief

Once you have acquired the unforced (and pain-free) opening measurement, proceed as follows.

1. Loosen the set screws

Using the Allen key provided, loosen all three set screws on the device (as shown in the image).

2. Bring the blade ends

Hold the device closed and adjust the blade extension for force and amplitude adjustment by pushing from the end.

The opening of the free discharge device must be equal to or slightly smaller than the opening of the mouth in unassisted and painless position.

If necessary, try different amplitude values at maximum extension or different device configurations to suit the patient’s morphological needs. Invert the direction of one or both blade support slides.

TMD0001The contact position when closing the blades must always be before the end stop of the device. Otherwise, the biting force will only be applied to the slide supports, causing them to break.

3. Tighten the grains

Check again if the opening of the device is correct, then tighten the grains with the Allen key provided.

The TMD Relief is now perfectly adjusted!
As the exercise will improve the patient’s condition, the measurement and adjustment process can be repeated so that the TMD Relief can again be adapted to the patient’s abilities.


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