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Feedback about TMD Relief, the innovative device for the natural resolution of temporomandibular disorders

Luca Oliviero, osteopath, 5 March 2020

Now I have been working for several years purely as an osteopath, until last year I worked in a dental practice where I dealt almost daily with diseases such as temporomandibular disorders. With osteopathic manipulative techniques I have always had excellent results … the only flaw is that, as in other areas of the body and for other problems, patients rarely listen to my advice on what to do at home, either out of laziness, or because they feel better and then think they do not need certain measures. With TMD relief I have found the right compromise between effectiveness and “sacrifice” that I can ask my patients after leaving my practice, because with a few minutes a day you can get considerable improvements and accelerate the healing process together with manual techniques. I can afford to praise the product both because I have studied it technically in its components and functions and because, having a myotonic mandibular click myself, I tested it myself. I have to say that after a few treatments by a colleague of mine and 3 weeks of using TMD (almost daily) the results have become tangible. The jaw is better on axis, I improved the maximum joint excursion and reduced almost completely the annoying “click”. I think it’s a very good product because it helps to work the chewing muscles in a synergistic way, to restore a correct articular balance and to reduce muscle tension (often the cause of annoying cervicalgia, tinnitus and migraines) Obviously I would like to point out that it is an excellent ally of the osteopathic manipulative treatment and (in more complex cases) of interventions by a dentist.

Doc. Giuseppe

I’m testing the device on both radiotreated and untreated cancer patients with excellent results…


I found real benefits on my mandibular click and also noticed a benefit on the neck muscles …with the disappearance of an almost chronic stiff neck

Doc Onelio

The therapeutic experience is positive


The device was very useful for my son and solved the jaw snap problem

Doc Mario

If the diagnosis is correct and the patient is “patient” and follows the indications it is resolved favorably